Eurovision 2021 day 6: Italy first rehearsal: Måneskin “Zitti E Buoni”

May 13, 2021


The second half of day 6 at the Ahoy Arena sees the Big 5 and host country The Netherlands taking to the stage for their first rehearsals. Getting the afternoon off to a rocking start is Måneskin from Italy.

Måneskin have encapsulated a typical rock band performance on stage, complete with flashing lights and pyro. The main colour scheme for Italy’s performance is red and black, but we do see a bit of blue seeping in too. Towards the end of the performance, we get a barrage of flashing lights, fire and pyro that fills the arena. Throughout the performance, we see silhouettes of the band members projected onto the backdrop

Damiano and the two guitarists start off the performance by walking to the front of the stage, which is where they remain for the duration of the performance. Damiano takes centre stage, with his two guitarists either side of him. The drummer is situated on a platform towards the back of the stage, which has a staircase with flashing lights.

Måneskin have a great stage presence, and performance wise, we think this is definetley one to watch! The song and performance comes across very well, and something like this is made for the big stage. Damiano impressed everyone with his incredible vocals that filled the arena.

Have you seen Italy’s first rehearsal for Eurovision 2021? If so, what were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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