Eurovision 2021 day 6: Germany first rehearsal: Jendrik “I Don’t Feel Hate”

May 13, 2021


Jendrik from Germany is next up on stage, and what a stark contrast we have compared to Italy. The whole of Jendrik’s performance is very fun, happy and colourful, and will surely put a smile on your face.

Jendrik is joined on stage by three backing vocalists, and one backing dancer. He is wearing a bright pink shirt with bright blue trousers, and has a necklace which reads “annoying”. He has also brought his signature Ukulele with him too. His backing vocalists are all in white, which each outfit having a different coloured stripe going down it. The backing dancer is dressed up in a big hand costume, with the fingers making a peace sign.

The majority of the performance takes place on the main stage, but towards the end, they go down the walkway and finish the performance on the side stage. For the first part of the performance, we see Jendrik and his dancers standing in the middle of the stage, just singing and dancing, with the backing vocalists to the side of them on the main stage. On the backdrop, we see lots of bright colours taking over, similar to his music video, and there are lots of negative words in various languages on the backdrop, which eventually dissappear in a sea of colour. 

As we get towards the middle of the song, we see Jendrik and his backing vocalists on one side of the stage, with the dancing hand on the other. They appear to be playing a tug of war (but without the rope.) On the backdrop, we see a mix of black, white and blue, which moves from side to side as the two sides tug it out to reveal the blue side as the winner.

The last chorus sees Jendrik giving a “speech” on stage, whilst the colour leaves and the backdrop becomes a lot darker. After his “speech”, the dancers and singers join him and they all make their way down the walkway to the side stage for the end of the performance.

Was this what you expected of Germany this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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