Eurovision 2021 day 6: France first rehearsal: Barbara Pravi “Voila”

May 13, 2021


For the the first rehearsal of “Voila”, we can see that not much has changed from what we saw at the national final. The staging remains simple and elegant, with Barbara mesmerising everyone with her rendition of the song.

The staging for “Voila” is very dark and atmospheric, but it fits in very well with the style of the song. Barbara is wearing an all black outfit, similar to that of the national final. Throughout the performance, the backdrop remains dark, with lots of bright lights shining through, which at some points, give off a somewhat theatrical vibe.

Barbara remains in the middle of the main stage, with a stand mic, for the duration of her performance. For the first half of the song, we see a variety of camera angles, but towards the end of the song, the camera remains close up on Barbara, sweeping around her until the end of the song, making for a somewhat dizzying effect.

What do you think of Barbara’s first rehearsal? Do you think France could pull of their sixth Eurovision win? Let us know in the comments below.

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