Eurovision 2021 day 5: semi final 1 second rehearsals begin (part 1)

May 12, 2021



As we approach day 5 of Eurovision 2021, we go in to the first semi finalists second rehearsals. So join us as we take a look at the first eight rehearsals of today. This article will be updated throughout the day, so be sure to keep checking back.

Lithuania: The Roop "Discoteque"

The Roop have delivered yet another fun and colourful performance, making for a great opener to the show. They all look and sound great on stage, and apart from a mic problem with Vaidotas in the first run through, their performance has been slick and on point. We’re sure that we will be seeing Lithuania in the final.

Slovenia: Ana Soklič "Amen"

Ana has delivered a more confident performance for her second rehearsal, and she appears more comfortable on the stage this time round, moving around more smoothly. Ana’s vocals are very good as she belts out her song with ease. At the end of the performance, we see a slight change to the graphics on the backdrop, Ana ends the song with “hey child” instead of “hey child, why you hiding from the light”.

Russia: Manizha "Russian Woman"

Manizha’s second rehearsal sees minor changes made to the outfits and backdrop graphics. The backing dancers/vocalists have done away with the tracksuits and are now in bronze, satin looking outfits. On the backdrop, we see more words in English, as well as more imagery of women coming. Manizha and her team delivered another powerful performance on stage that we’re sure will make the final.

Sweden: Tusse "Voices"

Tusse and his backing vocalists have delivered another strong and confident performance. Everything has remained the same from the first rehearsal, and we can’t notice any changes with staging or outfits. Tusse’s vocals are good, but we can hear him straining at times, which is understandable given his recent surgery. “Voices” comes across very well on stage, and we’re sure this will qualify.

Australia: Montaigne "Technicolour"

For the second clip of Montaigne’s back-up performance, we were able to get a clearer idea of how her staging will look. Motnaigne and her dancers are all dressed in black, with Montaigne adding a splash of colour with her “Technicolour” hair. There appear to be good camera angles, and there is very good use of graphics on the screen. Montaigne’s vocals sounded strong, and she has a great stage presence.

North Macedonia: Vasil "Here I Stand"

Once again, Vasil has delivered a very strong and confident performance. The staging and lighting is the same as it was in the first rehearsal, with no visible changes being made. Vasil appeared to very confident on stage and it looks like he is enjoying every minute of being on the stage. The golden lights that are a prominent feature of his performance look visually stunning on stage, and we’re sure that this will captivate the audience.

Ireland: Lesley Roy "Maps"

Lesley Roy’s second rehearsal has gone more smoothly compared to her first rehearsal, and we can see that the choreography and staging flows more nicely today. Lesley appears very confident on stage, and delivered a good vocal performance. We can see that Lesley is really getting into the performance and enjoying it a lot more. If she keeps this up in the live semi final, we’re sure she could make it to the final.

Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou "El Diablo"

Elena and her dancers have wowed everyone with their second rehearsal. The performance is just as we saw it in the first rehearsal, with no obvious changes. Elena’s vocals were very strong and she gave a very eye catching and visually stunning performance of “El Diablo”. Could Cyprus be a dark horse this year?

We have seen eight rehearsals so far today. Which country has impressed you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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