Eurovision 2021 day 4: Portugal first rehearsal: The Black Mamba “Love Is On My Side”

May 11, 2021



The Black Mamba have come onto the Eurovision stage all in black and white, before a sea of blue fills the stage. The staging is simple, yet effective, as the band occupy the main stage with all of their instruments and of course, the lead singer.

As the song progresses, the blue colours of the backdrop give way to warm orange tones, accompanied by visuals of a woman walking down a walkway surrounded by street lights. The staging is very effective at telling a story and conveying the message of the song across to the audience.

The Black Mamba look very stylish on stage in their suits, with similar outfits to their Festival da Canção performance. The band’s vocal performance was very good, and the lead singer gave a very strong and emotive performance.

What are your thoughts on The Black Mamba’s first rehearsal? Let us know in the comments below!

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