Eurovision 2021 day 4: Denmark first rehearsal: Fyr og Flamme “Øve os på hinanden”

May 11, 2021


Hello, 1980’s? Is that you? No, it’s just Denmark! Fyr og Flamme have brought the 80’s to life on the Eurovision stage for their first rehearsal.

The Danish duo have kept their staging very similar to what we saw in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. We see both of them standing on their own small platforms, singing and playing guitar. To the side of the stage, we see three backing vocalists. Guitarist and backing vocalist Laurits stays on his platform the whole time, whilst lead singer Jespers does leave his platform and makes good use of the stage, even running across the front of the stage a la Tim Schou from Eurovision 2011. 

The colour scheme for Denmark’s performance is very pink and purple, with bright blue and yellow lights, giving the whole performance a very nostalgic 80s feel to it. Jespers and Laurits are wearing almost identical outfits to their Dansk Melodi Grand Prix performance.

The Duo appear very confident on stage, and have good stage presence. They both delivered a strong vocal performance alongside their backing vocalists. We think Denmark’s song is the perfect way to end the second semi final!

What are your thoughts on Denmark’s first rehearsal? Let us know in the comments below!

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