Eurovision 2021 day 4: Albania first rehearsal: Anxhela Peristeri “Karma”

May 11, 2021


Anxhela is bringing power, and lots of it, to the Eurovision stage! Her whole performance, from start to finish, was full of fire and power and is just overall, epic, to say the least.

We see Anxhela wearing a short, silver dress with tassels, a la Ani Lorak. She gets the performance off to an amazing start with her incredible vocals that fill the arena. On the backdrop, we see LED smoke effects in red, before turning to blue, which appear a lot during the performance. As the song progresses, we see lots of flashing lights and red LED smoke as we head into the middle eight. 

Anxhela is alone on stage for her performance, but she has great stage presence and manages to command the stage very well. She was serving us some killer vocals that we’re sure will have everyone impressed.

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