Eurovision 2021 day 3: San Marino first rehearsal: Senhit “Adrenalina”

May 10, 2021


Senhit is kicking things off for day 3 of first rehearsals at the Ahoy Arena, and she has got the day off to a very bright and colourful start. The performance is very bright and high energy. Senhit delivered a very good vocal performance, and the whole package from start to finish is something that is very eye catching and visually appealing.

Senhit, who is joined on stage by four dancers, has taken elements of her music video to the stage. She starts off on a moving platform, wearing an ornate head piece that is eventually taken off to reveal her dancers.

Senhit sings most of the first verse whilst lying down on the moving platform, amidst a cacophony of bright lights and colours, with the four dancers dancing all around her. As the song progresses, Senhit and her dancers make great use of the main stage, and also the satellite stage, which is where we see the rapper perform. As the rap is going on, Senhit and her dancers move to the B stage, where they finish their performance, with pyro shooting up from the stage.

What did you think of Senhit’s rehearsal? Do you think Flo Rida will make an appearance? Let us know in the comments below!

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