Eurovision 2021 day 3: Greece first rehearsal: Stefania “Last Dance”

May 10, 2021

Stefania Greece ESC 2021


Stefania is serving us sparkle and colour for her performance. Dressed in a purple sparkly catsuit-type outfit, Stefania is joined on stage by four dancers, all of whom are wearing white. The main colours for the performance are purple and pink mixed with black and white.

Stefania starts off alone on stage, and with a spotlight on her, she walks towards the front of the stage. As the performance goes on, we see lots of graphics coming up on stage, and the appearance of the backing dancers.

Behind Stefania and the dancers, we see lots of graphics of buildings, which are used to great effect. Channelling Sergey Lazarev “You Are The Only One” vibes, we see Stefania seemingly climbing on the buildings and walls, with her dancers close by. The backing dancers’ faces are hidden at the beginning, only revealing themselves at the end of the performance.

Stefania looks very confident on stage, and delivered a powerful rehearsal, complete with great vocals. She moves around the stage with ease and interacts with her dancers very well. Could Greece be one to watch out for?

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