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Eurovision 2021 day 2: Ukraine first rehearsal: Go_A “Shum”

May 9, 2021


Go_A have brought out the big guns for their Eurovision 2021 performance! The band members are all standing on a large platform in the middle of the stage and remain here for the duration of their performance. The platform is surrounded by white wooden trees and plants, to create a forest-like environment, with Go_A having a rave party inside.

Kateryna is wearing a black outfit with big green fluffy sleeves, adding to the nature vibe going on. She is stood in the middle of the platform surrounded by her band members and their instruments. Vocally, Kateryna was on point, and delivered an incredible vocal, including the long high note at the end, which was executed perfectly.

The platform and surrounding trees are all in white, whilst the visuals and colours from the backdrop are a whole host of bright colours, mostly pinks and purples, that contrast the white and green outfit very well. There is a mix of solo colours and imagery appearing on the backdrop throughout the performance. The band appeared to be very confident on stage and gave off a very polished performance.

What do you think of Ukraine’s performance on stage? Are you a fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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