Eurovision 2021 day 2: Cyprus first rehearsal: Elena Tsagkrinou “El Diablo”

May 9, 2021



Day 2 of Eurovision 2021 has begun at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, with the second half of semi final 1 participants taking to the stage for their first rehearsal. First up today is Elena from Cyprus.

Elena, sparkling on stage in a silver dress with tassles, is joined on stage by four backing dancers, all of whom are wearing red. The beginning of Elena’s performance sees her lying down on a red LED floor, before getting up to be joined by her four dancers, dressed all in red. They all make good use of a big mirror, which reflects everything happening on stage to the backdrop.

The red lighting that fills the stage soon gives way to black and white lighting as we enter the chorus, with Elena and her dancers being spotlighted under red lights. As we move on towards the end of the song, we see the words “El Diablo” appearing all over the big mirror. 

Elena and her dancers give a very high energy and powerful performance on stage, and Elena maintains a strong, solid vocal throughout the performance. Could Cyprus be one to watch?

Have you seen Elena’s rehearsal yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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