Eurovision 2021 day 2: Croatia first rehearsal: Albina “Tik Tok”

May 9, 2021


Albina is in the house! She has delivered a confident performance on stage with her backing dancers, and has shown everyone that Croatia is here to stay! Vocally, Albina delivered a good performance, however, some of the high notes were not as good as we know her to be, indicating that she is most likely saving her voice for the live semi final.

Wearing a silver/purple sparkly outfit, Albina looks every bit a queen on stage as she dazzles everyone around her. For her performance, she is surrounded by a mix of pink and purple lights, that play a key part in her performance. Starting off alone, she is soon joined by four dancers as the chorus comes, (and even four extra Albina’s make an appearance too!) Albina and her dancers work very well together, and have a great chemistry on stage.

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