Eurovision 2021 day 2: Azerbaijan first rehearsal: Efendi “Mata Hari”

May 9, 2021


The land of fire has arrived on the Eurovision stage! Efendi has delivered a very confident performance for her first rehearsal, with very impressive vocals. She is joined on stage by four backing dancers, who are all in black sparkly outfits just like Efendi.

The backdrop is a rather dark colour, with splashes of pink, purple, green and of course, gold, mixed in, with beautiful intricate patterns interspersed. There is a big golden ball in the middle of the backdrop. Efendi and her dancers spend most of their time dancing on stage in front of the golden ball, and their choreography is mostly centred around the middle of the main stage.

Towards the end of the song, as the tempo rises and the beat amps it up a notch, we see an explosion of flashing lights which fill the whole arena, before the we get an up close shot of Efendi and her dancers to end the performance.

What are your first reactions to Efendi’s performance? Let us know in the comments below!

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