Eurovision 2021 day 1: Ireland first rehearsal: Lesley Roy “Maps”

May 8, 2021

woman, gray


Ireland’s representative Lesley Roy is the final act to take to the stage at the Ahoy Arena for her first rehearsal today. Dressed all in green, Lesley tells a story on stage as she performs amongst a backdrop of augmented reality and props on stage.

Lesley’s performance starts with the camera focused up close on her through forest-like scenery, before cutting away to reveal a stage full of props. There is a lot going on on stage, and choreography is rather busy; however, this makes for a very visually stunning performance that is eye catching and that will definetley stand out.

Lesley spends her three minutes darting around the stage to go from one prop to another, and she certainly has her work cut out for her on stage. However, from what we have seen today, she does this very well.

What did you think of Lesley’s staging? Let us know in the comments below!

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