European Broadcasting Union formally suspends Russian broadcasters

May 30, 2022



The European Broadcasting Union has formally suspended its Russian member broadcasters.

Russian Broadcasters Channel One, Radio Dom Ostankino and RTR have all been suspended by the European Broadcasting Union. This decision was made unanimously by the Executive Commitee just a few days ago. The confirmation of the decision to suspend Russian broadcasters was sent to all member broadcasters of the EBU.

“On behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to inform you of the decision taken by the Council on three Russian members of the EBU (RTR, Channel One and Radio Dom Ostankino) at its meeting yesterday. Based on the measures taken by the Executive Council at its last meeting on April 7, when it launched the suspension procedure, the Council unanimously decided to immediately suspend the three Russian members of the EBU indefinitely, which the Executive Board will review regularly.”

Russia now becomes the second country to have its broadcasters suspended from the European Broadcasting Union. Back in May 2021, the Belorussian Broadcaster BTRC was suspended from the EBU.

Earlier this year, in February, the EBU confirmed that no Russian act would participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, and they were subsequently banned from the contest. As a result of this, Russian broadcasters Channel One, Radio Dom Ostankino and VGTRK expressed their wishes to withdraw from the EBU.

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