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ESCZ 2023 — A live National Final will return for Czech Republic this year!

January 5, 2023


It has been revealed by Czech Broadcaster 'Česká Televize' that they will produce a national selection show, live from Prague on Monday 30 January called ESCZ 2023!

This will be the first Czech national selection show in 15 years!  Speaking about the development, the Czech head of delegation had this to say:

‘I am proud of how the ESCZ brand has grown in the Czech music scene; the platform is becoming extremely interesting and attractive.

I am pleased to announce that we have received an overwhelming response from the Czech music industry. More than 170 songs were submitted – mostly from Czech composers – and all with Czech vocalists. Picking just a handful of songs is getting more and more difficult and we hope to finalise the names of the finalists in the coming days.

More details about the show will be revealed in the coming weeks.’

Are you excited to see what the Czech Republic has in store for us this year?!

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