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ESC 2025: Core Project Team Announced

July 4, 2024


The Eurovision Song Contest 2025, set to take place in Switzerland, has its core project team in place. Following the appointment of Reto Peritz and Moritz Stadler as Executive Producers, a comprehensive team has been assembled to ensure the event’s success.

Key Members Include:

Yves Schifferle: Head of Show

Christer Björkman: Head of Contest

Bernhard Spahni: Head of PMO

Tobias Åberg: Head of Production

Nadja Burkhardt-Tracol: Head of Event

Nicole Beutler: Head of Public Affairs

Thomas Pittino: Head of Marketing & Funding

Aurore Chatard: Head of Security

Kevin Stuber: Head of Legal

Manfred Winz: Head of Finance

Vassilis Donikian: Head of HR

Henriette Engbersen: Responsible Public Value

Till Jendly: Assistant for the ESC

From left to right: Nicole Beutler (Head of Public Affairs), Thomas Pittino (Head of Marketing & Funding), Aurore Chatard (Head of Security), Till Jendly (Assistant), Moritz Stadler (Co-Executive Producer), Yves Schifferle (Head of Show), Reto Peritz (Co-Executive Producer), Bernhard Spahni (Head of PMO), Kevin Stuber (Head of Legal), Manfred Winz (Head of Finance), Henriette Engbersen (Responsible Public Value), Edi Estermann (Communication), Vassilis Donikian (Head of HR), Nadja Burkhardt-Tracol (Head of Event). Christer Björkman (Head of Contest) and Tobias Åberg (Head of Production) are missing from the picture. Image: Simon Boschi, SRG SSR

Immediately after Nemo’s victory in Malmö, an SRG task force began preparations for the 2025 ESC. The new core team will replace this task force, taking charge of organizing the world’s biggest music event.

How do you think this new team will enhance the Eurovision experience in 2025? What innovative ideas or traditions should they incorporate to make it memorable? Share your thoughts and join the conversation in the comments below!


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