ESC 2021 Semi – Final 2 acts revealed

| March 12, 2021

On social media ESC official account annouced that ballet dancer Ahmad Joudeh and Dez Maarsen will be as Semi-Final 2 interval acts for Eurovision 2021.


Ahmad Joudeh was born to a Syrian father and Palestinian mother in Yarmouk, a Palestinian refugee camp surrounding the Syrian captial of Damascus but moved to Damascus itself to study dance.  

His appearance on the show (from ”So You Can Cance” – Arab version) caught the attention of Dutch filmmaker Roozbeh Kaboly, who made a documentary about him for the news show Nieuwsuur  called “Dance or Die” after which he  won the International Emmy Award for Best Arts Programming in 2019. 

After the doucmentary aired, he moved to the Netherlands with the help of the Dutch National Ballet Company. 

He will create this performance in collaboration with the Flemish-Moroccan choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui in which Sidi  has won several important international dance prizes.

Ahmad stated (perfoming on Eurovision stage):

“This will be the most important performance of my career. My mission in life is to tell my story because my story relates to many people who need a voice. Our society consists of people from different places and with different cultures, yet we are all Dutch. That is also what you see on stage: diversity. We are all different, but also all Dutch. Together with Dez and the other dancers we tell the story of the Netherlands: the power of unity. ”

Dez Maarsen is most decorated BMX flatland rider’s in the Netherlands. For this act Dez is building a completely new bicycle, so that it fits into the artistic overall picture of the act. Dez explained:

“Our performance is poetic. It is about people from different cultures who, despite their diverse backgrounds, find common ground. It’s about acceptance ”. 

Dez’s BMX performance will be choreographed by Marco Gerris, who won the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Prize in 2020 together with the ISH Dance Collective. “It will be a unique, graceful, graceful and aesthetic appearance: really a total picture,” says Gerris.

Gerben Bakker (Head of Show for Eurovision 2021) commented:

“During our shows we show the best of the Netherlands and each performance has its own story. In this spectacular dance act we tell the story of our natural desire for connection. In our lives it is important to find each other and to pay attention to each other. And even though we are sometimes at a distance and the world is adrift, we still manage to find each other again. A theme that is more topical than ever due to the crisis we are still in the middle of. The choreography by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui with Ahmad Joudeh and ISH Dance Collective with Dez Maarsen is illustrative of the time in which we now live. Two top talents who feel at home in the Netherlands shine in this act. Where Dez Maarsen was born on Dutch soil and developed his talent here, Ahmad Joudeh grew up in Syria and has found his homeland in the Netherlands. The performance therefore has the appropriate title: Close Encounters of a Special Kind. ”

The second semi-final will be opened by a performance from breakdancer Redouan Ait Chitt (Redo) and singer-songwriter Eefje de Visser.

What do you think about these interval act’s  at Eurovsion Song Contes 2021?  Are you satisfied with this choise? Tell us down in the comments!


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