Embers – James Newman’s choice out of 15 songs plus some staging hints!

April 12, 2021



“Out of the embers
You and I are gonna light up the room
Out of the embers
There’s a fire burning for you”

This up-tempo song will be United Kingdom’s entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 held at Rotterdam between 18 May to 22 May.

Why Embers?

James revealed in a recent interview that his team had 15 songs to select from to represent the UK in Rotterdam, with Embers being one of them. Embers was selected because James felt connected to the song. 

For Eurovision 2021 we had 15 songs to choose from. I selected Embers because it is the song with which I most connected and with which I would feel the best on stage. I wanted something people can dance to, even if it's just in their kitchen
James Newman
Singer & Songwriter

Staging for Rotterdam

James has been hard at work to prepare for his performance in Rotterdam. He has recorded his back-up performance for Embers in a television studio a few weeks ago and is currently improving his dance routine with a choreographer for the big day! 

For the live performance and staging, look out for James in a big jacket and an overall fun atmosphere similar to that of the video clip!

“(The live performance) will be fun and we will recreate an atmosphere similar to that of the video clip. I love big jackets, so I'll wear one, but I can't tell you more”
James Newman
Singer & Songwriter

Who is James Newman?

James Newman is an english singer-songwriter based in London. He  won the Brit Award for the British Single of the Year in 2014 as a co-writer of “Waiting All Night”, a song by English drum and bass band Rudimental. 

James was chosen to represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2020 with My Last BreathEurovision 2020 was cancelled because of COVID-19 pandemic in Europe. 

What do you think about the UK’s entry for Eurovision 2021 this year? Do you like Embers? More importantly, are you excited to see James Newman live performance? Let us know in the comments below! 

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