Elena Tsagrinou signs worldwide contract with Sony Music

June 6, 2021


Even before Eurovision 2021 took place, several artists in the competition, such as Destiny and Blind Channel, had signed contracts with Sony Music. Given the success of the song ‘El Diablo’ beyond the competition, Elena Tsagrinou was recently able to sign a contract with the same company. Such news was advanced by Panik Records, in a press release: “Another important moment for Elena Tsagrinou and for Panik Records! A few days after Cyprus’ representation at this year’s Eurovision Festival with ‘El Diablo’, which has become a of the event’s super successes and received rave reviews, Panik Records and Sony Music signed a collaboration contract with the singer .’El Diablo’, written by world-renowned songwriters Thomas Stengaard, Jimmy “Joker” Thornfeldt, Laurell Barkere and Oxa, once again crosses borders as it will be released and promoted by Sony Music around the world.”

In the same statement, Panik Records also highlights the high number of views of the official videos of the song on YouTube, having entered the trends in several countries, as well as the good results achieved on digital platforms internationally.

Since the release of ‘El Diablo’, Cyprus has established itself as one of the favourites to win Eurovision, reaching the top five of the bookmakers. Despite the song’s success before and after the competition, Elena Tsagrinou fell short of expectations, finishing 16th in the Grand Final.

Will Elena be able to achieve worldwide success with a “little push” from Sony Music? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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