Eden Alene appears in OGAE Israel event ahead of Eurovision 2021

April 24, 2021


With the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 only a few weeks away, Israeli representative Eden Alene received a hero’s welcome at an event held by the local OGAE chapter. During the event in Tel Aviv, Eden answered questions from the Israeli branch of the international fan club network, which also presented her with an honorary lifetime membership. See her interaction with fans (in Hebrew) below:

The event – conducted under Israel’s lighter COVID-19 restrictions – also included an appearance from Dafna Dekel, the country’s 1992 representative who also co-hosted the 1999 contest in Jerusalem. Moreover, the gathering saw the reveal of OGAE Israel’s vote for the songs of Eurovision 2021, where the coveted douze points went to Switzerland’s entrant, Gjon’s Tears with “Tout l’Univers”

Eden did not, however, perform her entry for Rotterdam, “Set Me Free”. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see her knocking out of the park at the Ahoy Arena. In the meantime, check the Voxx Verdict video below to see what we thought of the song and what we hope for it. Talk to us in the comments there and also right here below!

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