EBU states they have two possible scenarios for Eurovision 2021

| August 18, 2020

“Eurovision will return in 2021 stronger than ever!” This is a statement from the EBU, who have confirmed they have two possible scenarios for Eurovision 2021 to make sure that “it takes place at all costs!”

Speaking to Swiss broadcaster RTS, event supervisor for the EBU, Nadja Burkhardt, has stated that they currently have two scenarios for Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam, and that the contest will definetley take place, (with the possibility of alternative measures being implemented), whilst rejecting the idea of an online contest, something that many fans were in favour of for the 2020 contest.

Nadja mentions that the EBU have been collaborating with British broadcaster and fellow EBU member, the BBC, to get some ideas on planning events and consolidating plans for Eurovision 2021: “We work with other organizations and teams, to find out how they plan their events, what are the elements that we have not yet considered.” 

Nadja also talks about travel restrictions that are changing on an almost daily basis: “In fact, we are copying what is happening right now: overnight, the countries on the red list are coming out of it or vice versa. We can travel and the next day we can no longer travel. We need to change the planning at the last minute.”

What are the two scenarios for The Eurovision Song Contest 2021?

Scenario number 1: The COVID-19 pandemic is over and the contest will be held normally as we know it.

This scenario is the ideal scenario as it means that the contest will be able to take place as normal. There will be no restrictions on travel and no restrictions on large gatherings; therefore, the AHOY arena in Rotterdam will be able to operate at normal capacity, and will be able to have full attendance in the audience. It also means that there will be no restrictions for things like the press centre and Euroclub.

Scenario number 2: The COVID-19 pandemic will be ongoing and the contest will go ahead with restrictions.

This scenario would see the 2021 contest go ahead, but there would be some restrictions in place that would apply not only to host country The Netherlands, but also to the other participating nations. Nadja mentioned that in order for this scenario to work, they would need to be very flexible and be able to adapt to last minute changes: “What particularly interests me is whether we can move from one scenario to another. How easily we can change from one version to another at the last minute, is what currently concerns the organizing committee.”

What are your thoughts on Eurovision 2021? Do you think the contest will go ahead as planned? Let us know in the comments below!

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