EBU rejects RAI’s proposal for Eurovision 2021 interval act with the non-re-elected artists

| March 1, 2021

Claudio Fasulo, executive director of Sanremo, stated this Monday during the Sanremo 2021 press conference that the Italian public television (RAI) had proposed to the EBU an interval in Eurovision 2021 with all the artists of 2020 who have not been re-elected for 2021. Both the EBU and the Dutch television AVOTROS have rejected the proposal.

The cancellation of Eurovision 2020 has left several artists without the possibility of stepping on the stage of the European contest because they have not been re-elected to represent their respective countries. That is why the RAI proposed this idea, which would allow these artists to perform in front of millions of spectators on the Eurovision stage.

At the moment, the Eurovision 2020 artists who have not been re-elected for Eurovision 2021 are:

  • Arilena Ara (Albania)

  • Ben & Tan (Denmark)

  • Ben Dolic (Germany)

  • Damir Kedžo (Croatia)

  • Diodato (Italy)

  • Elisa (Portugal)

  • Sandro (Cyprus)

  • Tom Leeb (France)

  • Ulrikke (Norway)

  • VAL (Belarus)

On the other hand, in the next few days we will know if The Mammas (Sweden), Uku Suviste (Estonia), Little Big (Russia), Athena Manoukian (Armenia) or Alicja Szemplińska (Poland) will be re-elected for Rotterdam 2021 or not.

What do you think of the idea of this interval of non-re-elected artists from Eurovision 2020? Has the EBU been wrong by rejecting the idea? Leave us your opinion in the comments below!

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