Dora 2021: Presenters & running order revealed Monday and confirmation of no audience!

| January 16, 2021

The Croatian national broadcaster HRT has confirmed further details regarding Dora 2021. The news include that the presenters and running order for the final will be revealed on the 18th January 2021. It has also been confirmed due to the current situation with Covid-19 there will be no live audience in attendance for the final, similar to other countries such as Finland and Sweden.

Who are the finalists for Dora 2021?

HRT revealed the names of the finalists back in December 2020 and they are:

  • Albina – “Tick-Tock” (B. Mihaljević – M. Cinnamon / T. Buklijaš Bakić)
  • Ashley Colburn & Bojan Jambrošić – “Share The Love” (I. Šjunca – A. Colburn / I. Škunca)
  • Bernarda – “Colors” (B. Georgiev Milanov / B. Brunović)
  • Beta Sudar – “Ma Zamisli” (P. Martinjak)
  • Brigita Vuco – “Noći Pijane” (B. Vuco)
  • Cambi – “Zaljubljen” (M. Mirković)
  • Ella Orešković – “Come This Way” (S. Reljić Simba – E. Orešković)
  • Eric – “Reci Mi” (E. Vidović)
  • Filip Rudan – “Blind” (F. Rudan / A. Franić / H. Domazet – F. Rudan / A. Franić)
  • Mia Negovetić – “She’s Like a Dream” (M. Negovetić / L. Deb / D. Jamm / D. Kertes)
  • Nina Kraljić – “Rijeka” (H. Librenjak – Miki Solus / N. Kraljić)
  • Sandi Cenov – “Kriv” (S. Reljić Simba – Fayo)
  • Toma – “Ocean Of Love” (A. Pupavac / A. Bjorkman / K. Persson / T. Marić – A. Pupavac)
  • Tony Cetinski & Kiki Rahimovski – “Zapjevaj, Sloboda Je!” (K. Rahimovski)

It was previously confirmed a one minute snippet for all the competing songs will be released one week prior the final itself. Dora 2020 winner Damir Kedžo will not return and therefore a new act will represent Croatia at Eurovision 2021.

Who do you think will host Dora 2021? Which act do you think will win and represent Croatia at Eurovision 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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