Doda Would Be Interested in Representing Poland at Eurovision 2022

June 14, 2021


After three competitions without the finals and Michał Szpak’s eighth place at Eurovision 2016, Poland is waiting for its next success.

According to many internet users, Doda is one of the people who could fight for a good result. During her last live on Instagram, the singer answered a fans question about her interest in participating in the Eurovision Song Contest.

But does Doda want to take part in Eurovision?

She admitted that Eurovision 2022 does not tempt her in terms of career development opportunities. As she emphasized, she would like to take part in the show for fans and for fun. Interestingly, it went a step further and she proposed a selection system that has never existed in Poland before. The singer declared that she could prepare two different songs. The viewers would have to decide which proposal she would go to Eurovision with.

Doda does not rule out the interest in participating in the competition, but has several conditions. She would like to choose the director of the performance herself, and also have an influence on the competition staging. But that’s not all. The artist is thinking about involving her own team responsible for her participation in Eurovision. The finances are also important. Doda once again mentioned that in order to produce a show at European and world level, she would have to receive an appropriate budget. She stated:

“I am able to go to many, many compromise, but in this case, if I have to do it and, as I stress, do it for others, I would like these conditions to be fulfilled.”

Do we have any Doda fans here? If she goes to Eurovision 2022, would she go far in the competition?

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