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Junior Eurovision 2021: Dajte Muzika to sing “Green Forces” for North Macedonia

October 22, 2021


After confirming that singers from the popular Macedonian children’s show “Dajte Muzika” (Дајте Музика) would serve as North Macedonia’s Junior Eurovision representatives, it has now been confirmed that they will be singing “Green Forces”.

Despite there being seven members of the television show, just four of these members will be performing at Junior Eurovision 2021 in Paris as “Dajte Muzika”. Anastasija, Filip, Kristina and Miha are the chosen ones who will be singing “Green Forces”, which is expected to be released in the coming weeks. The song is expected to be written by composers who have worked on the show before.

What is Dajte Muzika?

Dajte Muzika is one of the most popular and most watched television shows for children in North Macedonia. Alongside acting and singing on the show, the cast of Dajte Muzika have also released two albums together.

Are you excited to hear North Macedonia’s Junior Eurovision 2021 entry? What style of song do you think we will get? Let us know in the comments below!

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