Czech jury under fire for rule violation, points may be removed from final score

May 31, 2021


Just days after the revelation of voting issues involving the Dutch audience, the EBU are now investigating reports of an issue with a jury member from Czech Republic.

Under the rules setout by the EBU, all jury members must be citizens of the country which they are voting for. In the case of the Czech Republic, it has come to light that one of their jury members, Tonya Graves is in fact a citizen of the United States, and therefore ineligible to serve as a jury member of the Czech Republic.

An unconfirmed source has stated that it is likely that the jury points awarded by the Czech Republic will be removed from the final scores, but thankfully it does not appear to have any impact on the results. The only notable difference is there would be no tie for 10th Place between Greece and Bulgaria, as Bulgaria would receive 4 less points.

The list below shows what the Top 10 scoreboard would look like if the Czech Republic’s jury scores are thrown out:

Current Top 10 Results

1st – Italy – 524 Points

2nd – France – 499 Points

3rd – Switzerland – 432 Points

4th – Iceland – 378 Points

5th – Ukraine – 364 Points

6th – Finland – 302 Points

7th – Malta – 255 Points

8th – Lithuania – 220 Points

9th – Russia – 204 Points

10th – Greece – 170 Points

Adjusted Top 10 Results

1st – Italy – 518 Points (-6)

2nd – France – 489 Points (-10)

3rd – Switzerland – 427 Points (-5)

4th – Iceland – 370 Points (-8)

5th – Ukraine – 364 Points (0)

6th – Finland – 301 Points (-1)

7th – Malta – 248 Points (-7)

8th – Lithuania – 220 Points (0)

9th – Russia – 202 Points (-2)

10th – Greece – 170 Points (0)

This is not the first instance of jury errors over the last few years, ranging from jurors seemingly voting in reverse order, to entire juries being dismissed for rule violations.

But the question remains, what, if anything, can the EBU do to ensure complete transparency and strict adherence to the rules for jury members?

What are your thoughts on this latest development. Do you think there is anything the EBU can do to enforce its rules when it comes to juries? Let us know in the comments below!

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