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Cyprus to go internal for Eurovision 2023 as RIK extends deal with Panik Records

August 1, 2022


Despite earlier rumours that Cyprus might be using the singing television show “All Together Now” as their selection method for Eurovision 2023, it seems likely that they will instead be opting for an internal selection again.

At the end of May, it was rumoured that Panik Records was in talks with Cypriot broadcaster RIK about a talent show, in which the winner would go on to become Cyprus’ Eurovision 2023 representative.

Greek online media were reporting that “All Together Now” would be coming to Alpha TV in the autumn of 2022, and would be used as Cyprus’ selection method for Eurovision 2023. But, when the trailer was released for the upcoming season, there was no mention of Eurovision anywhere or by anyone.

It is now being reported that “All Together Now” could be used as Cyprus’ selection method for Eurovision 2024 instead, although this has yet to be officially confirmed.

Eurovision Fun report that the CEO of the Cypriot broadcaster, Thanasis Tsokos announced that the broadcaster will be extending its deal with Panik Records, and that this is how Cyprus’ Eurovision 2023 representative will be chosen.

Should Cyprus organise an internal selection in collaboration with Panik Records for Eurovision 2023, it would be the fifth year since 2018 that this is happening. Since RIK and Panik have been working together on Eurovision, their best result came in 2018, when Eleni Foureira finished in 2nd place.

What do you think about Cyprus chosing an internal selection again for Eurovision 2023? Which Cypriot artist would you like to see at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below!

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