Cyprus 2021: Elena Tsagrinou reveals further details on participation

| December 7, 2020

Cyprus Eurovision 2021 entrant Elena Tsagrinou has revealed further details about her upcoming participation in Rotterdam, how she came to be selected for Cyprus and what Eurovision means to her.

In an interview with Elena revealed details regarding her participation and what to expect from the song El Diablo. Eurovision has been something Elena has always aspired to compete in as she explained:

“Eurovision, which I watch both as a viewer and as an artist, has always been in my dreams and with my record company, we had discussed the possibility of my participation. I am glad that this moment has come now, with Cyprus and with a very good song”

Elena revealed that the CEO of Panik records George Arsenakos offered her the opportunity as she was the most suitable artist for El Diablo. Due to Eurovision being a lifelong dream for Elena the decision was very simple to decide when offer came.

What to expect from El Diablo?

More details about El Diablo were revealed in the interview and what to expect from the song. The team behind the song are incredibly experienced with the team including Thomas Stengaard, Laurel Varker, Jimmy Joker and Oxa. Elena went onto reveal the song is similar to her known style. She explained:

“El Diablo is a terribly dynamic song, very close to my own musical identity, with strong elements, compositions and contrasts, ideal for an impressive act”

Elena did not want to give any prediction on the final placing but does want to achieve a strong result for her team and Cyprus as a nation. Further details on staging will be become known at later stage given Elena and her team will see details soon from artistic director Marvin Dietmann.

Are you excited for the release of El Diablo? What are you expecting from Cyprus at Eurovision 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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