Crunching the numbers: All the stats and facts you need to know about the Eurovision 2021 voting

May 24, 2021



In the wake of Italy;s momentous win after 31 years, we finally have the full results of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, and in this article we’ll analyse them a little further and read between the lines.

A grand total of 4,524 points were awarded by 39 voting countries in total. 2,262 of those were awarded by the public votes, and 2,262 by the professional juries.


Who had the most douze points?


France’s Barbara Pravi and Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears received the most 12 points awarded by the juries, with 8 douze points given to each of them. This made up 19% of France’s total score of 499 and 22% of Switzerland’s total score of 432 points.



Ukrainian band Go_A and Italian overall winners Måneskin were the favourites among the public, each receiving 5 lots of douze points each. This made up 16% of Ukraine’s total score of 364 and 11% of Italy’s total winning score of 524 points.


There's a first time for everything...


San Marino received their first ever 12 jury points on Saturday night from Poland for Senhit’s performance of Adrenalina featuring American rapper Flo Rida. However, this didn’t mean that San Marino achieved their best score to date. 2019 contestant Serhat still holds that title with 19th place.

2021 was also the year of shocking televoting scores, leaving viewers anxious on the edge of their seats as four of the Big 5 + Host were awarded with zero points from the public for the first time ever. These countries were United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Shock non-qualifications and qualifications added to the drama and suspense of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. In the first semi final, Australia lost their perfect qualification record since their first appearance in 2015 with Montaigne’s performance of Technicolour, which placed 14th in the semi final – missing out on qualification by 87 points.


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