Croatian broadcaster announces running order and hosts for Dora 2021

| January 18, 2021

In December, the Croatian broadcaster chose 14 participants who will fight for a place to represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. From 140 songs, 14 were selected through a five member expert committee, from three broadcaster channels, and consisted of Andrej Babić (HGU, HDS), Hrvoje Prskalo (HDS), Matija Cvek (HGU), Monika Lelas (HRT) and Uršula Tolj (HRT). They reviewed the artists and songs for Dora 2021.

Today, the broadcaster announced the hosts for the show. Daniela Trbović, Barbara Kolar, Jelena Lešić  and Doris Pinčić will all host the show on February 13th. Daniela, Jelena and Doris have all hosted Dora once before, but for Barbara, it will be her first time.

Project manager Uršula Tolj has said of the decision to have four female hosts: “This year we decided to rely on women’s leadership forces, because this Dora will be special in many ways, due to epidemiological conditions, so let it be remembered by women as well.”

Speaking of the running order, Uršula has said: “When composing it, one had to take into account the complexity of individual performances, the speed of the rhythm of each song, the language in which it is sung, some special television requirements… In general, the order is carefully arranged and, we believe, will meet the television rhythm , and Dora is.”

There are still four reserve acts, in case any of the 14 acts are unable to participate, or leave the show.

  1. Elis Lovric – “Brodolom”
  2. Endi feat. Lora – “Megaloman”
  3. Pjerino Ruzevic – “Soldier”
  4. Z/11 – “Only Love”

Are you happy with the running order? What do you make of the hosts? Let us know in the comments below!

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