Could Wales be making a Eurovision debut?

April 12, 2021


In May, Wales is going to have election for Senedd and as many parties do, they have many manifestos in their campaigns. One of them, a social democratic and pro-independence party, called Plaid Cymru stated that, if they will win the election, they will try to make Wales participate at the Eurovision Song Contest as an independent country. So far, the opinion polls for the election show that the party will finish in TOP 3, however they may lose the election.

There were a couple of times when Welsh artists performed in the contest. In the adult version, the last example of that was Lucie Jones with her song “Never Give Up On You” in 2017. She finished fifteenth in the Grand Final. In 2018 and 2019 this country also took part in the Junior Eurovision as an independent country, however the United Kingdom withdrew from the contest in 2005 and so far has not come back.

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Image Source: Thomas Hanses

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