Could original plans for Sanremo 2021 change due to the Covid-19 situation?

| January 16, 2021

Rumours have been circulating on social media regarding potential changes to plans for the Sanremo Music Festival in Italy due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. The rumours suggest that the Italian broadcaster RAI is set to hold emergency talks on the organisation of the festival. Rumours suggest Sanremo could either take place without an audience or be delayed to a later date like April.

How has Covid-19 impact upon Sanremo so far?

The Sanremo Music Festival usually takes place in February every year over the course of five nights. Whilst the event is still planned to take place at the Teatro Ariston over the same number of nights, the event is currently planned to take place at start of March. The latest rumours could delay the festival even further into 2021.

Will there be an audience?

Due to the current situation with Coronavirus, it is still unknown whether an audience will be present at Sanremo 2021. Italian media had reported artists, production and audience might be quarantined onto a cruise ship to give best possible chance for the show to go ahead as normal. Host and conductor Amadeus has been very vocal in wanting an audience, regardless of size, to be present.

The proposal has reportedly come from the Costa Cruises, who are offering their flagship vessel, the Costa Smeralda. The ship has a maximum occupancy of 6,554 and boasts 11 restaurants. Everyone involved will have to quarantine for two weeks on the ship itself. Nothing has been confirmed by Italian broadcaster RAI.

Could it impact on how Italy selects it Eurovision act?

If Sanremo is delayed further beyond its current planned date in March then it will change the current selection method. At present it is confirmed the winner of Sanremo 2021 gets first refusal to represent Italy at Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam. However, all acts and songs are required to be selected by broadcasters by mid-late March. If Sanremo does get delayed beyond March it would mean the current selection method would be invalid due to dates. No alternative selection method has been announced by the broadcaster RAI.

Do you think Sanremo will go ahead in March as originally planned? Which act are you most excited to see compete? Let us know in the comments below!

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