Citi Zēni the clear favourites as full Supernova 2022 results are revealed

February 14, 2022


It’s official – Latvians love Salad! After winning Supernova 2022 on Saturday 12th February, the full breakdown of the results have been revealed by the Latvian Broadcaster, where we can see that Citi Zēni were the favourites among the jury and the televoters.

The final results of Supernova 2022 were decided by a mix of 50% televote and 50% jury vote; but at the time of the show, the full breakdown of the results was not made public.

Top marks for Citi Zēni!


Citi Zēni (50,566 votes) 

Bujāns (38,924 votes)

Aminata (30,983 votes)

Mes Jus Milam (26,692 votes)

Bermudu Divsuris (24,216 votes)

Miks Galvanovskis (16,060 votes)

Inspo (6432 votes)

Elīna Gluzunova (3572 votes)

RAUM (3486 votes)

Linda Rušeniece (3394 votes)

Miks Dukurs (2116 votes)

Jury vote:

Citi Zēni – 1st

Aminata – 2nd

Elīna Gluzunova – 3rd

Miks Galvanovskis – 4th

Linda Rušeniece – 5th

RAUM – 6th

Inspo – 7th

Bujāns – 8th

Bermudu Divsuris – 9th

Mes Jus Milam – 10th

Miks Dukurs – 11th

A record number of televotes were recorded for this years edition of Supernova, as mentioned by Latvian broadcaster LTV, with 206,491 votes in total. 

Citi Zēni will perform “Eat Your Salad” in the first semi final of Eurovision 2022 on May 10th in Turin.

What are your thoughts on the voting breakdown for this years Supernova? Are there any surprises for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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