Citi Zēni singer takes part in the Latvian version of Dancing With The Stars

August 31, 2022



Four months after Eurovision 2022, we have news from Jānis Pētersons. The Citi Zēni singer is now dancing in the Latvian version of Dancing With The Stars.

He confirmed this on Instagram, showing us a picture of him and his partner, Elena Čerekova, a Ukrainian-Latvian dancer.

The couple will participate in the competition “Dejo Ar Zvaigzni” on September 18th. You can follow their performances on TV3. Knowing how energetic and enthusiastic Jānis can be, we could expect his performances to be really entertaining.

This is not the first time that a Eurovision star is dancing in a television show. We can think about Bilal, Sergey Lazarev and Dami Im, among many others.

Citi Zēni and Eurovision

The band won this years Supernova with the eco-friendly funky bop “Eat Your Salad”, which is a humorous song dealing with being green. Unfortunatley, colours and energy in Citi Zēni’s performance didn’t help to make it to the final. They only reached 14th place in the first semi final with 55 points.

Will Jānis be more successful on Dancing With The Stars than he was in Eurovision? Will you follow his performances? Let us know in the comments below!

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