“Ciao Italia” – Salvador Sobral on Tour, also talks about “The Måneskin “

July 26, 2021



For all the fans of the Portuguese singer, you can follow Salvador Sobral around the world and explore the places where you can catch Salvador Sobral on tour. Six Upcoming concerts, in the following countries: taly, Lithuania, Portugal, Luxembourg, and so on.

These days Salvador Sobral is back in Italy, for several stages of the European tour that accompanies “BPM“, his album.

And since he’s going to be in Italy, what does the highest-scoring Eurovision winner ever has to say about this year’s winners, Måneskin? “I saw them later, because I was playing that night. But it’s nice that different things win. The formula is to be different: the more different wins. I don’t understand much about these mechanisms, but the stranger you are, the more chance you have. Of course you Italians have won everything this year …”

Back then, he was criticized a lot for the phrase “music is not just fireworks” and when they point out that Måneskin had them, he points out: “It was an intense experience, maybe today I wouldn’t say something like that anymore. If the fireworks come from a perspective of honesty and truth, they are there. I still believe that music is real emotion. I fight for the music given with the truth.”

So, if you are from Italy or just passing by, would you like to watch one of his concerts? You can comment below because your opinion…counts!

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