CHEGI i Braća Bluz to replace Goca Tržan at Pesma za Evroviziju 22

February 14, 2022


New changes are coming from Serbia, as Goca Tržan withdraws from Pesma za Evroviziju 22. Instead of her, the band CHEGI i Braća Bluz will compete in Serbian national selection for The Eurovision Song Contest 2022.


Earlier this month, RTS has revealed the list of 36 acts competing in this years national final. Among many popular names was Goca Tržan, a famous Serbian pop singer.  She was supposed to compete for her right to represent Serbia with her song Fitilj.

However, RTS has revealed that she was obliged to withdraw from the selection due to her health problems. In order to keep the list of 36 songs so that both semi finals could have an equal number of 18 acts, the Serbian broadcaster decided to replace Goca’s spot with a new act, CHEGI i Braća Bluz.

They will compete in the second semi final of PZE on March 4 with their song Devojko sa plamenom u očima (The girl with the fame in her eyes).  You can listen to the song down below:

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