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Changes announced to Sanremo rules in its 74th edition

July 12, 2023


But don’t worry, the beloved festival remains the longest national final in Eurovision season!

Just a few days ago Rai announced the dates of Sanremo 2024, and now more details about next year’s rules are coming in.

Here is a recap:

  • Sanremo is confirmed to be the Italian National Final for Eurovision.

The Songs and the Artists

  • 26 artists are participating this year, three of them will be selected during Sanremo Giovani in December 2023
  • All of the competing songs are being performed on the first night.
  • Half of the songs will be performed again on the second night, and the rest on the third.
    The artists who won’t be competing during the night will co-host the show, introducing their colleagues/contenders.
  • Total freedom has been granted on the covers night: this time, artists are allowed to choose any song published until 31st December 2023, and can decide to perform it alone or with a guest.

The Juries and the Voting system

  • The final ranking will be decided through the combined results of Televote and two jury votes: the Press jury and the Radio jury. The latter, consisting of professionals coming from both national and local radio stations, is replacing the demoscopic jury.

The votes will be counted as follows:

  • On the first night, the Press jury is ranking the songs, and, at the end of the night, the top 5 positions are going to be revealed.
  • On the second and third nights, the Radio jury and Televotes ranking are going to be combined, and each night Amadeus is announcing the current Top 5.
  • On the fourth night, the cover night, all the juries are voting again (33% Press, 33% Radio, 34% Televotes) and the temporary top 5 ranking is going to be revealed at the end of the night.
  • On the fifth and final night, a new batch of Televotes is getting combined with the previous results to determine the final ranking between the 6th and 26th place
  • The top 5 artists are advancing to the Superfinal, when all the previous results are going to be reset and a new vote (33% Press, 33% Radio, 34% Televotes) is -finally- deciding the winner of the 74th Sanremo Festival.

Do you like the changes? What would have you done differently? Let us know in the comments!

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