Celebrate the New Year with Mélovin!

| December 3, 2020

  Mélovin has surprised his fans with an announcement of an online concert that will take place on the 1st of January at 01:00am EET (11pm GMT, 12am CET). The Ukrainian singer is excited to share the night with the people closest to him – his fans. On Instagram he jokingly says: “2021 is the year of me! The year of the bull (according to the Chinese zodiac). I promise to be happy for all of you. I will motivate and inspire every single one of you!”

  The concert is, unfortunately, not free. To attend it you would have to buy a ticket on Mélovin’s website for 950 грн (£25). But has it ever stopped his fans? Of course not! Especially since the synopsis for it is so inviting:

“The new year’s night! Live! Piano! Live sound! A concert filled with New Year’s atmosphere! A concert to start a New Year with! Isn’t it magical?

Give yourself or your loved ones the best gift!

January 1st – 1:00am

Exactly one hour after midnight! We will start the New Year right!”

Will you be attending?

Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest

  Ukraine’s Eurovision history dates back to 2003 when they first debuted in the contest with the song Hasta La Vista. The second year Ukraine participated Ruslana won the entire contest with her song Wild Dances, which brought the contest in 2005 to Ukraine’s capital Kiev. After getting 2 second places and one third place in-between 2005 and 2014 Ukraine took a one-year break in 2015. Jamala made Ukraine’s comeback in 2016 with her song 1944, she won the contest, and brought the contest once again back to Kiev. Go_A was selected to represent Ukraine in 2020, before the contest got cancelled.

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