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Bulgaria’s ‘Black Sea Songwriting Camp’ to chose 2021 entry

| August 16, 2020

Bulgarian broadcaster BNT have revealed more information about their entry for Eurovision 2021, which will be sung by Victoria, who was originally going to represent Bulgaria in 2020 with “Tears Getting Sober” before COVID-19 caused the cancellation of the contest.

The broadcaster have announced on their official Twitter page that they will be setting up the “Black Sea Eurovision Songwriting Camp” to chose their entry for Eurovision 2021. The camps will be located in Burgas and Primosko and will take place between the 16th and 26th of August.

The songwriting camp will bring together some of the best music producers, composers and songwriters, not just from Bulgaria, but from around Europe. It has been confirmed that there will be four teams of songwriters, who will each have 10 days to write, compose and produce their songs. These songs will be given to Victoria, but also to other artists who are competing for other countries.

We caught up with Victoria back in January when she was in London working on some potential songs for Eurovision 2020. Check out our interview below!

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