BULGARIA: These are the three songs most liked by fans

March 6, 2021


Victoria, Bulgarian representative for Eurovision 2020 and 2021, was a special guest on the BNT1 show “100% Awake” where she talked about her new EP “A Little Dramatic” as well as her Eurovision 2021 song selection.

As we already know, BTN, Bulgarian national broadcaster, has selected their entry, which is set to be announced on March 10th. It is either “Ugly Cry” or one of her EP songs.

Last week, they have created a platform where Eurovision fans all around the world had the opportunity to give their opinion on each song. This way, BTN would use fans feedback in order to choose the song with the best chances to do well.

In an interview, Victoria Georgieva has revealed the titles of the songs with the most likes. As she said, “Growing Up Is Getting Old”, “Imaginary Friend” and “The Funeral Song” were best received by general audience. Later on, talking about her EP’s title, she explained:

“I think that best describes my personality, some people said that means I’m a drama queen, that’s not it, I just like dramatic things for example in film music, it often sounds dramatic and that is something which inspires me.”


Victoria Georgieva is a Bulgarian singer and songwriter from the coastal city of Varna. Her career began when she participated in the fourth season of X Factor Bulgaria, placing sixth in total. In November 2019, Bulgarian broadcaster BNT announced that Victoria would represent Bulgaria at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with Tears Getting Sober. Unfortunately due to the coronavirus pandemic, the contest didn’t go ahead in May 2020 as originally planned and was subsequently cancelled. Later in 2020, BNT announced that Victoria will represent Bulgaria at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, and the song will be internally selected.

What is your favourite song from Victoria’s EP? Is Bulgaria in it to win it this time? Let us know down below!

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