Bringing lots of P-P-P-Power to the stage! Iceland’s Diljá completes her first rehearsal!

May 2, 2023


Diljá is taking her flowers, and she's putting on the LED wall at Eurovision!

Iceland’s Diljá is leaving us all exhausted with the amount of energy she has in her first rehearsal. 

@eurovision Diljá’s holds all the POWER of this stage 🇮🇸 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Diljá Pétursdóttir ♬ original sound - Eurovision

Overall, the performance has a very similar to the national final performance. Diljá starts the performance on the ground, either sitting or standing, then as the chorus kicks she stands up starts moving around energetically, including some acrobatic moves that show off her incredible fitness levels. 

Diljá is wearing a silver top and suit which like the national performance, she removes during the performance. The LED features varying images of flowers, with a vast variety of colours being used in the lighting. 

The main difference we currently see from the national final performance is there’s a small spinning platform on stage. As seen in the TikTok, Diljá spends at least one chorus sitting in the platform. 

Stay tuned for more first rehearsals from Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Georgia, San Marino, Austria, Albania, Lithuania and Australia. 

What is your initial reaction to Diljá’s first rehearsal? Do you think Iceland has what it takes to qualify to the final this year? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photo credit: Corinne Cumming/ EBU

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