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BREAKING: semi final qualification sequence to revert back to previous qualification sequence

May 8, 2023


The semi final qualification sequence will revert back to the original.

In a statement from the BBC and the EBU, they have confirmed that the announcement of the qualifiers from the semi finals of Eurovision 2023 will be conducted in the original way, and not the new “X Factor style” way, which was seen today in the dress rehearsal for semi final 1.

“After trying a new system of presenting the qualifying countries in Dress Rehearsal 1 of the First Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 it was decided by the production team to revert back to the previous reveal sequence used in recent years with artists learning whether they will progress to the Grand Final together with their delegations in the Green Room. Whilst this change will not now be implemented this year there are other innovations in the show for viewers to look forward to.”

In the dress rehearsal this afternoon for semi final 1, the rumours were (temporarily) proven to be right, as we saw an “X Factor style” of announcing the ten qualifiers. All of the acts from the first semi final could be seen standing on stage as the hosts read out the qualifiers one by one.

All of the artists will now stay in their dedicated places in the green room as the ten qualifiers are announced, just like before.

Were you a fan of the new system for announcing semi final qualifiers? Or are you happy that they have reverted back to the original system? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’m so SO glad they got rid of that horribly demeaning “X-Factor Style” finalist announcement. It was painful to watch and completely beneath the ESC.

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