Blas Cantó to release the English version of his Eurovision song

March 28, 2021


Not long ago, Blas Cantó recorded the English version of his Eurovision song, “Voy A Quedarme”. The English version is called: “I’ll stay”.  The language is going to be changed in that version, however anything else is going to remain the same. Blas loves the English language and hopes that the message and emotions of his song will reach a wider group of people. The chorus of “I’ll stay” is already available on Blas Cantó’s Instagram profile. The artist also said that he wanted to record the English version of his song from last year, “Universo”.

Cantó said that it’s possible that he will record a French version of “Voy A Quedarme” too. He got inspired after a YouTuber, Florian B, posted on YouTube his cover of the Spanish song in French.

Spain is a country of the BIG 5, so it doesn’t have to take part in semi final to qualify to the grand final. Blas Cantó will perform his song in Spanish in the grand final of Eurovision on 22nd of May in Rotterdam.

Are you a fan of Spain in Eurovision? Do you like when countries record different versions of their songs? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: RTVE/Blas Cantó’s Instagram

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