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Benny Cristo starts rehearsal for his Eurovision entry

| February 24, 2021

Preparations for the Czech Republic’s 2021 entry are underway with Benny Cristo starting rehearsals for his song Omaga.

Benny has posted about the preparations on his social media accounts, including naming two of the dancers who will appear on stage with him, Alberto Humman Gola and Robin “Fusse” Šeba.

Benny Cristo was selected to represent Czech Republic in the 2020 contest with his song Kemama, which was ultimately cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In May 2020, he was internally selected by Czech public broadcastor CT to represent once again at the 2021 contest in Rotterdam.

Are you happy to see Benny return in 2021? Do you love his new song Omaga? Let us know in the comments below!


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