Beknur Jánibekuly & Álinur Khamzin are ready to create a ‘World of Fairytales’ in Paris!

November 6, 2021


Beknur Jánibekuly & Álinur Khamzin will sing the song ‘Ertegi alemi’ at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Paris!

At today’s national final, 10 acts competed. The winner was decided by 50/50 jury and public voting. After all the results were announced there was a tie. The jury was consulted to decide the winner, but instead decided to send both singers with the song ‘Ertegi Alemi’.

Full results:

  • Beknur Jánibekuly-“Human” 30.5%
  • Álınur Khamzin-“Ertegi alemi” 30.5%
  • Ábilqaıyr Jumabaı-“Indigo Bala”  25.6%
  • Aıǵanym Amantaı-“Armanym” 25.1%
  • Álimjan Túgelbaı-“Senem ali”  17.1%
  • Amina Asǵatova-“Kimylda” 16.5%
  • Adina Súlenova-“Akeshim” 15.8%
  • Armen Saakyan-“Bala mahabbat” 15.3%
  • Zhan Makim-“Bile” 14.1%
  • Ekaterina Tabarina-“Fotomodel” 9.6%

You can listen to the solo version of ‘Ertegi Alemi’ down below!

Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision

Kazakhstan has been very succesful in Junior Eurovision. They made their debut in 2018 with Daneliya Tuleshova as their representative. She sang the song Ózińe sen, placing 8th in the jury with 68 points and 3rd in the televote with 103 points, coming in 6th overall with 171 points. The following year Yerhan Maksim gave a better result with his song Armanyńnan qalma. He came 2nd overall with 227 points, coming 1st in the jury with 148 points and 5th in the televote with 79 points. Last year Karakat Bashanova finished second Wirth her song Forever.

Photo credit: @khabartv on Instagram.

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