Lights, lights and more lights! Lumix and Pia Maria completes their first rehearsal for Eurovision 2022!

May 1, 2022


Austria's Lumix and Pia Maria take to the stage for the first time in Turin

The day carries on with more and more rehearsals, with the fourth act gracing the stage beinng Austria’s Lumix and Pia Maria, performing Halo on the Turin stage for the first time!

The duo are the only people on the stage, only being joined by Lumix’ DJ set as well as what seems to be a massive “Halo” prop, a very fitting prop for the song. The performance will be involving a lot of lights, smoke and fire in it, with big, bold colours to really make them stand out and complimenting the big energy of their song. You can check out their rehearsal footage on TikTok below:

You can also find images of the performance here. 

Stay tuned for more rehearsal exclusives as the day goes on!

Check out what our Eurovoxx team on the ground thinks below!

What are your thoughts on Austria’s first rehearsal? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: EBU/Nathan Reinds

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