Australia: Montaigne confirms song selected for Eurovision 2021!

| January 23, 2021

Australia’s Eurovision 2021 entrant Montaigne has confirmed her song has officially been decided. Revealing the news on her social media, the singer confirmed the song has been selected to represent Australia at Eurovision 2021 but revealed no further detail on when it will be released. Montaigne originally won the right to represent Australia at Eurovision 2020 with Don’t Break Me and was internally selected for 2021 following the cancellation of Eurovision 2020.

What do we know so far?

Montaigne has given updates on her journey to finding a new song for Eurovision 2021 regularly. In August 2020, she tweeted about a ‘toally f****d’ up song she had written that could be her potential song for Eurovision 2021. Later it was revealed the song was titled ‘JC Ultra’ and was not selected by her management or the Australian delegation as the song for Rotterdam.

Two more potential entries have been revealed by Montaigne herself. The first being a song sent by famous songwriter Diane Warren, who co-wrote the 2009 British entry It’s My Time for Jade Ewen. Montaigne commented the song was not her usual style but acknowledged its an immediate recognisable hit itself. Montaigne has also been preparing another song herself and feels it very much suits her style as a singer, songwriter and performer. 

Could the songs mentioned be the official entry?

It is unknown if the two other songs mentioned are the final song itself. As no further details have been revealed it can only be speculated at this stage.

Are you excited to hear Montaigne’s Eurovision 2021 entry? How do you think she will do in Rotterdam? Let us know in the comments below!

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