Ana Soklič releases official video for Voda!

| December 11, 2020

Ana Soklič who was set to represent Slovenia in Eurovision 2020, and will represent Slovenia in Eurovision 2021 has just released the official music video for her Eurovision 2020 song Voda

On the release of the official video Ana Soklič says:


‘I dedicate this video for the untried Eurovision song “Water” to my grandmother, Marija Rozman from Bohinjska Bistrica in Bohinj, Slovenija, who, unfortunately, said goodbye to us this fall and will not see me on the Eurovision stage. Grandma was like a rock. Unfortunately, there will be no more such generations!
I don’t want to waste words on the product itself, let the work done speak for itself. In the end, I always come up with the same answer: get to work, try to stay creative as much as possible, somehow be patient, give something out there, either in our case with music, word, recording, even a recent live performance, i.e. what I still think is the best decision. While trends of this time are to express our views and opinions long and hard and when everyone seems to know everything about everything, some of us still express ourselves with our creative work and reveal something beyond the explanation – a part of ourselves.’

Slovenia in (Junior) Eurovision

After winning the the selection round in 1993, Slovenia debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time that year. After 1993, Slovenia has only missed 2 contests, in 1994 and 2000. Slovenia has never won the contest, and their best results were in 1995 and 2001 when the country finished 7th. Some of Slovenia’s most memorable entries include Samo Ljubezen (2002), Cvet Z Juga (2007), No One (2011) and Here For You (2015). Ana Soklič was selected to sing Voda at Eurovision 2020, before the cancellation of the contest. Ana has been internally selected for 2021. Slovenia has also tried their luck at Junior Eurovision, where they participated in 2014 and 2015, with the best result in 2015 when Lina Kudzović finished 3rd. After 2015 Slovenia withdrew From the contest due to the high cost of participation. 

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