An Andorran return on the cards? Susanne Georgi says it’s possible in 2022

| August 1, 2020

Is it true? It has been 11 years since the small nation of Andorra has competed in the Eurovision Song Contest and after many years of non-confirmation, it seemed that all hopes of an Andorran return were diminished… until today. In a podcast with Wiwibloggs, the 2009 entrant Susanne Georgi has shone some light on an Andorran potential Eurovision return. She said:

“As you know I’ve been quite pushy. I had a lovely, lovely meeting just a few days ago. And I must say it’s only good news.”

“The government is very positive. There is sort of a verbal green light, but not for 2021. I’m also agreeing with that 100%. We think it’s too soon. Here we’re still fighting with the Covid…and we’re just too afraid of spending all this work and money and hard work on something that maybe won’t be able to happen in 2021.”

Susanne's fight for an Andorran return

It has not been a secret that Susanne has been trying really hard to ensure the return of the micronation, even using Instagram to promote her campaign.

The main factor in Andorra’s lack of participation has always come down to money and the cost of participation in the contest. However, according to Susanne, she has managed to secure a sponsor to fund the country’s participation in the contest. She has also put forward her financial proposals to the Andorran president and the broadcaster’s director, and it seems to have resulted in a step in the right direction for Andorra to finally return to the contest. We will just have to wait and see these plans will come to fruition. 

Looking back at Andorra's history

It is fair to say that when Andorra was on our Eurovision screens, they had a rather checkered run in the contest. In fact they are the only country that has never had a qualification into the final. Their best result came in 2007 when boyband Anonymous provided us with the punk rock tune Salvem el món, placing 12th with 80 points in the semi final. 

Some of their entries have provided us with some classic and well loved stage shows including Gisela’s Casanova, which was actually awarded the Barbara Dex award that year, infamously known for awarding the so called “worst dressed” entry of that year. Well let’s hope that Andorra can provide us with more classics in the future!

What do you think about this news? Are you feeling more hopeful for an Andorran return? Tell us in the comments below!

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